Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Hard time ahead for our family, but at least churchy is well!

I am homes wiff my beans, and i luffs thems furry much, My paws okay now so mommy's lettiing me types to you all now!!. I haffs some nerve damage to my left arm but its nothing compared to whats i wents frough. I haff also stopped limping!! and I dont think i am going to need the second operation after all. Mommy just haffs to pay my final vet bill.

Mommy and daddy are happy I stopped spraying, but i miss marking my territory!, but i understands where they comes froms its waz raffer stinky.

Mommy heard good news on my step sister mocha, she was seen wiff an elderly woman who lives in a retirement community next to us, and we think she haff mades that her new forever home. Mommy said as longs as she is fine, she isnt going to worry.

Mommy and Daddy set their wedding date finally!!! its going to be August 2nd his year!! and they invited me! They Haffs always considered themselves married because theys beens togeffer for so long, but they are going to make it offiishul. Mommy is very excited, and is hoping august will come next week. She even had fun making a wedding registry , for things we desperately need.

Mommy's Endometreosis is kicking back in again, and she sees a speshulist on Friday, to see what her options are. She ended up back in tha hospital on sunday again , and they misdiagnosed her firoid tumors. She doesnt haffs them after alls. Fats a huge relielf!! , But she still has alot of pain.

Mommy thought she lost her job because she was in the hospital, and her boss didnt call her back for overs a week, but she still has it. But she is only working 8 hours a week. She says thats barely enough to provide for a family of 5, but she said she will manage, we always do.

Well thats all the noos for the family right now. I know it isnt grat news, When mommy gets depressed she doesnt get online as much. But maybes she will lets me wite to you now, since this is my adventure of my life. Love, Churchy

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St Patrick's Day

Friday, March 14, 2008

Home and active

Oh churchill is very playfull today, not resting, when we put him in a quiet area he just jumps up and down on things, so he is roaming the house. I think he has some AIMING issues for he has either sprayed or peed on himself 3 times already. So i just call him stinky pants, Mike calls him his little girl now, HA HA.. He did well with everything , and came home late yesterday afternoon. .

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Hoo-haa-ectomy DAY!!!!!

Today churchill is having his little man pebbles removed!! Oh he should be happy when he comes home this afternoon! Poor thing , He has litterally been through hell and back, but at least he cant spray anymore!! woohooo.

We have heard nothing on Mocha, No shelters or rescue leagues have come across her. My hope is she has found a new home. I wish her luck where ever she may be.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

The loss of Mocha and hoping she will come home

Friday night, at around 9pm eastern my female at mocha jumped out my 3rd story apartment window. You are going to Have the question mark over your head, so I am going to tell you what happened.

I Have obviously been sick for the better have of a week now and just got home a few days ago from the hospital. I had been in bed all day long with my windows open. I take the screens out when it gets windy out, because they fall down and crash to the ground.

I rolled out of bed at 5:30 pm or so to make my kids dinner and turn the television on for them and headed straight back to bed. At 8:30 I put my girls to bed but i left my bedroom door open. As i have said in a previous post Churchill has been trying to mate with mocha. Well he was trying again, so she ran away into my room. Usually she jumps onto my window ledge , but this time there was no screen there, and I wasnt in the room at the time, So I imagine that she lost her balance ( being at least 15-17 pounds ) and fell.

I went into the room and saw Churchill at the window. I looked down and Saw mocha, I ran downstairs to my neighbors house and asked if he would let me back in, because mike was gone for the night, he said sure. I went out looking for her, and my neighbor came with me. We searched for about an hour in the pouring rain with no luck. Yesterday morning mike looked for her for about an hour and a half. Still we couldnt find her.

We are going to make up flyers and call shelters and rescue leagues on tuesday since all of them are closed on mondays. If she doesnt end up in a shelter and we cant find her, my prayer is that someone adopts her.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Houston we have a Problem :/

Mr Churchill has started spraying last night and now the house stinks!!!, He Has also found a fond attraction to Mocha and has tried to to make whoopie with her several times. ( though she is not agreeing with him!! )

I called Dr. Bird today and He is having his "HOO-HA-ECTOMY" next thursday morning at 9am sharp!! I cant wait 5 more weeks of him stinking up the house or him violating poor mocha. Its almost Comical if you think about it , but i feel bad for both cats.. Oh well

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Home after five days in the hospital

Well its been a long five days away from home and my family and espcially my "little man " Churchill.

Yesterday I underwent an Endoscopy and they found my bleeding ulcer , That i have had now for the past three years. I have been on medicaions to heal it , but it hasnt healed. Four and half years ago I under went Gastric Bypass surgery and since then I have nothing but problems. I have lost 247 pounds which people would think is great , but I am underweight and not doing very well health wise.

I was also Hospitalized for another type of abdominal pain. Pain I have had now for almost four years. They think it is Endometreosis. I have to see a specialist on April 4th at Woman and Infants Hospital. The only way to really find out if it is Endometreosis is to have an exploritory surgery, Then if it is I can decide whether to have it scrape out of me , or have a full historectomy ( which I think I will opt for ) because I have fibroid tumors on my ovaries ( I found that out yesterday during my pelvic ultrasound )

I stay very hopefull that things will get better very very soon with my health. Thank you all for Praying for me. God Hears all Prayers and Prayers are the most amazing things.


Churchill is doing great!!!! He is running around and being a kitten. When Mike goes in the Kitchen , He guards the kitchen so no one else can come in. He has been Protecting himself from Mocha. Mocha has become a little more tolerable of him, but is still very nasty towards us. Mary Lynn's friend Dannie is Helping us to place Mocha in a good home with no animals or kids. Also Sharolyn from "artsy Catsy" is donating the money she raised directly to Dr.bird.

Things are really starting to come together for the "little Man" . As I said in previous posts Thank You for everything you have done for "handsome Churchill" and also my family. I am forever in your debt and I have found "forever friends" at the Cat Blogosphere. I love each and everyone of you unconditionally. Thank you again for everything , Yours Truely , Rhi <3

Monday, March 3, 2008

Churchill's Mommy Rhiannon in the Hospital

Churchill's Daddy Mike just emailed to let us know that Rhiannon is in the hospital with a bleeding ulcer. They are currently running tests trying to pinpoint the problem, as she has had the ulcer problem for a while.
We will keep you posted the minute we learn something.
Please send purrs and purr-rayers for Churchill's whole family.