Friday, June 13, 2008

New Pictures of Mr.Chruchill

I have added some brand new pictures of Mr.churchill today. He is getting quite big. He like to lounge around all day long and then come midnight or so ne runs up and down the apartment tearing and scratching our carpet to shreds. Its great to be back and I hope everyone is doing well. I hope you all didn't think i forgot about you. We got a camera so now I can take pictures everyday if I want.

Michael and I got Married and I am going to post a picture of us so you all can see what we look like. Im also posting a picture of the Girls too, because we feel as though everyone who has helped us out is a part of our family..

Thursday, April 17, 2008

I have lost the internet

Dear friends,

I have lost the internet. I am writing from a friends house right now, but wont be ablt to use her computer much. The reason we lost it, is because Mike Has been taking me back and forth to the hospital and we are using up so much money for gas. The hospital we go to , to see the specialist is 40 minutes away and gas here is $3.30 a gallon. Its very rough on us. We might also be losing our Medical Insurance at the end of the month, and I am fighting not to lose our electricity too!!, They are threatining to shut us off April 30th. Its tearing me me apart inside, I cant do anything about anything anymore. It hurts so bad to tell all of you this.

Plus!! Im getting Married May 24th, Isnt that Lovely , With all of this other stuff thats going on? I should be really happy, but all I do is worry.

As I always say In almost every post , Thank you all for everything you have done for Churchill! I appreaciate it. You all are Wonderfull. I Hope Many more Cats are Helped. When I can Get Myself Back to normal, and back to somewhat of a life and the internet back, and hopefully not lose my electricity, I want to help my fellow cat friends. I Love you all , and you are all in my hearts. Love Rhiannon

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Churchill Just playing with me!

Here is Churchy sucking on my fingers!!!, he does this when he plays with me. He is a very playfull kitten. We in the last 2 weeks have gone through 5 rolls of toilet paper because he thinks they are toys for him to play with. He also like the paper towel rolls on the counter. He is a brat sometimes but we love him just the same.
He stil likes to eat my hair. And he Has found that his paws are very usefull. He loves to play hide and seek. He loves to jump up on the bed on my head and the jump off and do it all over again. Its all a game to him. I think life is a game to him now.. He is a very happy cat and I am glad that we and everyone at the cat blogosphere saved him.
At night all you can here is him running around the house jumping up and down on things. He opens our door and when he finally gets tired sometimes he crawls into bed with us , or sleeps in the girls room. He seems to be very over protected of my youngest Kathryn, He loves to play with her, but he also loves to leave scratches all over her too!!!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

It's been a while!

Its been a while since I've been on Church's Bloggie. Ihave been very ill lately and in the hospital 4 times in the last 2 weeks. I will be undergoing surgery soon, to find out why I am in so much pain. I have been diagnosed with Chronic Pelvic Pain, there is no cure as of yet for it.

Churchill , is doing GREAT!!!!! He follows me around like a puppy dog. He finds new ways to make me laugh everyday. His furs are growing back and is almost grown in. His new hiding spot is in a bucket in our bathroom! Yes i said a bucket!!!!!, or a small little crevice in our entertainment center in the bedroom.

I dont get on the computer much. I am in so much pain that i cant stand it. Today is a not-so-bad day so i wanted to get on and put some things on here. Thanks again for all of your support.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Hard time ahead for our family, but at least churchy is well!

I am homes wiff my beans, and i luffs thems furry much, My paws okay now so mommy's lettiing me types to you all now!!. I haffs some nerve damage to my left arm but its nothing compared to whats i wents frough. I haff also stopped limping!! and I dont think i am going to need the second operation after all. Mommy just haffs to pay my final vet bill.

Mommy and daddy are happy I stopped spraying, but i miss marking my territory!, but i understands where they comes froms its waz raffer stinky.

Mommy heard good news on my step sister mocha, she was seen wiff an elderly woman who lives in a retirement community next to us, and we think she haff mades that her new forever home. Mommy said as longs as she is fine, she isnt going to worry.

Mommy and Daddy set their wedding date finally!!! its going to be August 2nd his year!! and they invited me! They Haffs always considered themselves married because theys beens togeffer for so long, but they are going to make it offiishul. Mommy is very excited, and is hoping august will come next week. She even had fun making a wedding registry , for things we desperately need.

Mommy's Endometreosis is kicking back in again, and she sees a speshulist on Friday, to see what her options are. She ended up back in tha hospital on sunday again , and they misdiagnosed her firoid tumors. She doesnt haffs them after alls. Fats a huge relielf!! , But she still has alot of pain.

Mommy thought she lost her job because she was in the hospital, and her boss didnt call her back for overs a week, but she still has it. But she is only working 8 hours a week. She says thats barely enough to provide for a family of 5, but she said she will manage, we always do.

Well thats all the noos for the family right now. I know it isnt grat news, When mommy gets depressed she doesnt get online as much. But maybes she will lets me wite to you now, since this is my adventure of my life. Love, Churchy

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St Patrick's Day

Friday, March 14, 2008

Home and active

Oh churchill is very playfull today, not resting, when we put him in a quiet area he just jumps up and down on things, so he is roaming the house. I think he has some AIMING issues for he has either sprayed or peed on himself 3 times already. So i just call him stinky pants, Mike calls him his little girl now, HA HA.. He did well with everything , and came home late yesterday afternoon. .

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Hoo-haa-ectomy DAY!!!!!

Today churchill is having his little man pebbles removed!! Oh he should be happy when he comes home this afternoon! Poor thing , He has litterally been through hell and back, but at least he cant spray anymore!! woohooo.

We have heard nothing on Mocha, No shelters or rescue leagues have come across her. My hope is she has found a new home. I wish her luck where ever she may be.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

The loss of Mocha and hoping she will come home

Friday night, at around 9pm eastern my female at mocha jumped out my 3rd story apartment window. You are going to Have the question mark over your head, so I am going to tell you what happened.

I Have obviously been sick for the better have of a week now and just got home a few days ago from the hospital. I had been in bed all day long with my windows open. I take the screens out when it gets windy out, because they fall down and crash to the ground.

I rolled out of bed at 5:30 pm or so to make my kids dinner and turn the television on for them and headed straight back to bed. At 8:30 I put my girls to bed but i left my bedroom door open. As i have said in a previous post Churchill has been trying to mate with mocha. Well he was trying again, so she ran away into my room. Usually she jumps onto my window ledge , but this time there was no screen there, and I wasnt in the room at the time, So I imagine that she lost her balance ( being at least 15-17 pounds ) and fell.

I went into the room and saw Churchill at the window. I looked down and Saw mocha, I ran downstairs to my neighbors house and asked if he would let me back in, because mike was gone for the night, he said sure. I went out looking for her, and my neighbor came with me. We searched for about an hour in the pouring rain with no luck. Yesterday morning mike looked for her for about an hour and a half. Still we couldnt find her.

We are going to make up flyers and call shelters and rescue leagues on tuesday since all of them are closed on mondays. If she doesnt end up in a shelter and we cant find her, my prayer is that someone adopts her.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Houston we have a Problem :/

Mr Churchill has started spraying last night and now the house stinks!!!, He Has also found a fond attraction to Mocha and has tried to to make whoopie with her several times. ( though she is not agreeing with him!! )

I called Dr. Bird today and He is having his "HOO-HA-ECTOMY" next thursday morning at 9am sharp!! I cant wait 5 more weeks of him stinking up the house or him violating poor mocha. Its almost Comical if you think about it , but i feel bad for both cats.. Oh well

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Home after five days in the hospital

Well its been a long five days away from home and my family and espcially my "little man " Churchill.

Yesterday I underwent an Endoscopy and they found my bleeding ulcer , That i have had now for the past three years. I have been on medicaions to heal it , but it hasnt healed. Four and half years ago I under went Gastric Bypass surgery and since then I have nothing but problems. I have lost 247 pounds which people would think is great , but I am underweight and not doing very well health wise.

I was also Hospitalized for another type of abdominal pain. Pain I have had now for almost four years. They think it is Endometreosis. I have to see a specialist on April 4th at Woman and Infants Hospital. The only way to really find out if it is Endometreosis is to have an exploritory surgery, Then if it is I can decide whether to have it scrape out of me , or have a full historectomy ( which I think I will opt for ) because I have fibroid tumors on my ovaries ( I found that out yesterday during my pelvic ultrasound )

I stay very hopefull that things will get better very very soon with my health. Thank you all for Praying for me. God Hears all Prayers and Prayers are the most amazing things.


Churchill is doing great!!!! He is running around and being a kitten. When Mike goes in the Kitchen , He guards the kitchen so no one else can come in. He has been Protecting himself from Mocha. Mocha has become a little more tolerable of him, but is still very nasty towards us. Mary Lynn's friend Dannie is Helping us to place Mocha in a good home with no animals or kids. Also Sharolyn from "artsy Catsy" is donating the money she raised directly to Dr.bird.

Things are really starting to come together for the "little Man" . As I said in previous posts Thank You for everything you have done for "handsome Churchill" and also my family. I am forever in your debt and I have found "forever friends" at the Cat Blogosphere. I love each and everyone of you unconditionally. Thank you again for everything , Yours Truely , Rhi <3

Monday, March 3, 2008

Churchill's Mommy Rhiannon in the Hospital

Churchill's Daddy Mike just emailed to let us know that Rhiannon is in the hospital with a bleeding ulcer. They are currently running tests trying to pinpoint the problem, as she has had the ulcer problem for a while.
We will keep you posted the minute we learn something.
Please send purrs and purr-rayers for Churchill's whole family.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Churchill's X-rays Before and after (The Kittie the Cat Blogosphere Saved!!!!)

This is for everyone to see how much you have helped save my "Handsome little man"

On The TOP is his "AFTER " picture.. Obviously you can see a huge pin and nothing else.

On the BOTTOM is his "BEFORE" if you look at the ruler, you will notice that just a little over to the left is the broken elbow bone. (ouchies!! ) It was completely broken right off.

Churchill had his Stitches out today and Dr.Bird said he is doing 100% better than when she first saw him and is about 70% to what he should be. We go back in 6 weeks to see if he needs to have his pin removed. She told me That he might not have to have it taken out. But He has to go in anyways to have his "hoo-ha-ectomy" as lisa said ( she is the one raffling of those beautiful snuggle's for Churchill's medical expenses.)

I posted these pictures so you would all be touched, by the way i have been touched by you all. You all have really helped to save my kitten and you dont know what that feels like. I am forever greatful to everyone and the kitties at Cat Blogosphere.

Thank you all for your wonderful feedback

I would like to thank all the Kitties and their owners for writing me!! I got some great Ideas. Obviously I wont bathe Churchill until he is healed up nice nice, But at least I know what i should do.

Since I was so sick Yesterday I missed Churchill's Appointment to get his Stitches out. So this morning I am going to make another appointment and ask Dr. Bird while I am there what the best thing is to use. I really like the wipes idea only because he loves to be pet down real good.

When I go to the vets I am going to ask Dr. bird to show me his X-rays and i am going to take pictures on my camera phone, the "before" and "after". You all have helped me save my kitten. And I think if you saw the pictures You will really feel as though you saved him too!!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Greasy Coat

hmmmm, every since the day I found Church he has been rather greasy. I have never needed to buy Cat shampoo and am not even sure if the make it. He has been grooming himself but he is still extreamely greasy. Is there a peticular kind of brand i should use? ( if there is a brand) or should I let him stay greasy? Is it cruel to give a cat a bath? Im just wondering if the owner could write me back.. Only because I know the kitties will leave me some rather harsh comments.

Lazy Days

Well we had a very nice weekend. Churchill for the most part rested. I called the V-E-T and tomorrow he is going to get his stitches out.

He has been eating like a Champ!! and is just being Lazy ( but he is suppose to be ) Today Kathryn ( My youngest daughter) played dress up with him. He didnt seem to mind at all. He had sunglasses on , Its was so cute. He is very mello tempered. I noticed though That he is afraid to leave the apartment. We went to check the mail saturday, and I took him downstairs with me, and he was very nervous. I think it was from maybe being outside for so long.

Last night Mocha attacked him. I checked him over real good and didnt see any marks , and he is walking just the same and doesnt seem to be in any pain. We are working with Mary Lynn to place Mocha in a good home with no other animals or kids. When I adopted her , I was told she was great with kids, but she isnt at all.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

A Peaceful Night

We had a peacefull night last night. Churchill only woke us up twice. Once was to him playing with Mom Robyn's famous "nip ravioli" and second was to him sitting on an air conditioner next to our bed. He was just staring at us. When we woke up this morning he was in bed with Mike and I just Purring away. He knows that this is his home and now he is starting to finally settle in and is resting.

Since he likes his "nip ravioli" so much he has put many holes in it. I have a needle and thread ready to go to patch up the holes. He, as of now has put four nice size holes in it. He has also taken a wonderful liking to his new toys that the Taylor cats sent, Especially the plastic springs.

I've been busy this morning walking behind him "Kitten proofing" the apartment. There are blankets and towels blocking everything in the living room that he could get underneath. I just dont want him to get stuck under something that he cant get out of or that I cant get him out. Dont I sound so over Protected?? Well thats the latest noos for now , Rhi <3

Friday, February 22, 2008

So much for not Feeling good =[)

Whoopie... Turns out my darling baby boy had a severe allergic reaction to the pain medications. No uti, no crystals scraping his insides.. It was the long shot..

He is home. And he is not resting. He has discovered his "nip ravioli" and oh my i had to take it away from him because i was afraid he was going to hurt himself. He is walking with a slight limp. He is playing with his toys that the "taylor catsssss" sent . He is ....well.....being a kitten. I am proud to say that I personally think the worst is over. I can see a sparkle in his eyes. A non-stop puuuring. He just seems to be very happy. I dont think he is going to rest much. But i am going to keep him as calm as I possibly can. Dr. Bird said he is doing Great.

Nip Ravioli Founded by Churchill


Right out of the hospital, Churchill has to stop and play with fresh nip ravioli.
What cat can blame him?


We are going to pick up our darling =) ... I just got the phone call to come and pick up my handsome little man. I guess he was having a reaction to his pain meds from what it sounds like. I was told to throw away he pain meds right away, so i just did. I will write more to you when i get home. Its a snow storm so we have to be very careful. I will talk to you soon. Gosh I hope this is the end of the visits until he gets his pin out.. Love from the Bottom of my heart, Rhiannon .. xoxoxox

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A heartfelt Thank You from my Mother-in Law

My mother-in-law Charlotte finally got to look at Handsome Churchill's Blog today. For anyone who doesnt know about her she is a spectacular woman Battling Lung cancer since 2 weeks before Thanksgiving, and only has a few more treatments left. She is absolutly amazed by the love and generosity that everyone here on CB has shown Me and my family.

She herself is a cat lover and has now hoplessly fallen in love with my handsome church. She has One cat named Ceasar and she had her baby Shadow who met a rather unfortunate ending by a coyote and has gone to the rainbow bridge. Mike and I acually saved Shadow but at the time we couldnt have cats so Charlotte took him in.

Anyways Charlotte Has Asked me to Thank Everyone here who is purring and praying for Handsome churchill and my family, She is a very religious woman and believe things happen for a reason. You will all be in her prayers. Yours Truely , Rhiannon and Mike

Update for My "Handsome Devil"

So the news today isnt the best of news , but its not the worst either. It seems as though churchill has stopped eating and drinking. X-rays were taken and it shows that his bladder is completely empty. His Elbow came into the shot and its healing quite nice I might add.

We talked to Dr. Bird personally and these were her reasons for him peeing blood.

1. being that his baldder is empty he is forming crystals and they are scraping when he urinates. (ouch)
2. This is rare and a long shot. But he might be having an allergic reaction to his pain medication.
3. It still may be a UTI, but they still have to do blood work.

They have decided to keep him for a few days to watch him closely. They might give him an IV.

Its weird, we have owned him now for exactly 2 weeks yesterday, and come friday he will have been at the vets for exatly 2 weeks . Poor thing, Hes been there longer than we have acually had him in our home. I feel really bad for him. This is very stressfull for everyone here. Thank you all for the purrs and prayers..I hope he gets better soon, so he really can come home and be a kitten. He deserves it after everything he has been through in his 6 months of life.

P.s. Since Dr.Bird figured out he was 6 months old, we thought That since we found him on febuary 5th , his birthday will be August 5th. So a nice summer birthday to celebrate =)

Churchill is Kat's Cat of the Week!

Stop by Kat's Cat of the Week and leave a comment for the handsome Churchill.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Oh Gruff =(

I Dont even know how to explain how I feel inside.. I just called the Vets, Only because they never call me. They are going to keep him over night. They said there is definately blood in his urine, which is probably a Massive UTI. The technicains say he is very miserable, He was this morning. They are also going to do another x-ray, But they didnt tell me why. This is extreamly frustrating, and a very big strain on Michael and I, and for handsome Churchill too. The Kids feel it as well, Our youngest Kathryn was saying "I want church home" at lunch time.

We wish he was home , but we understand the circumstances. I wish he would have come down with this yesterday at the vets before he came home. I hate seeing him sick and I really just want to see him on the mend. but I am also glad he is there, We had a very rough night with him last night and he decided to escape from every place we put him in. The Clinic said they will call me tomorrow , but i know better .. I will call them tomorrow afternoon to check on him, and I will keep you all updated.

Prayers Needed For Churchill

An unhappy Churchill at the vets, being hospitalized for observation and tests.


I just got home, but without churchill, They want to keep him for the day, they have no answers for me. Its quite frustrating not knowing whats going on right now. I thought being a mother of two girls was bad , He is horrible.. =) I should hog tie him up. poor mike and i barely slept. We hope he is okay, Thay are putting him in a cage with no litter box , and going to take samples of his urine. Maybe he will come home today , But I doubt it. This isnt in my hands. I leave everything to god. Rhiannon

9am: Rhiannon called a few minutes ago, Churchill started peeing blood. She called the vet and they are very worried. Right now (9 am Central) she is on the way to the Dr. Bird's office. Churchill would not stay quiet, even on his pain meds. Rhiannon said he had jumped up on and off the bed, then managed to get out of the closet they locked him in to keep him quiet. Please keep them in your prayers. She will keep us updated.
Churchill's Boo-boo

Gizzy Quilt for Churchill

If you read Millie's blog for Sunday, they are busy making Gizzy Quilts to raise money for Churchill's vet bills. But Millie and her Mom also made Churchill his very own Gizzy Quilt. Click on the photo to "biggify". It is going to look so good with his coloring.

Monday, February 18, 2008

I am home Forever =)

I am home forever resting now.. But not really resting. I want to walk and play. Mommy is making me lay down and i dont want too. I saw my step sister mocha and she hissed at me, she isnt happy to see my, so mommy put me in her bedroom I guess I am locked up here like a princess for the next few weeks. She is picking me up and taking me to the litter box, and has to make sure i have all my medications, I guess I have to have another surgery in 6 weeks or so to have my pin taken out, They didnt tell my mommy that until today , she is really upset. Oh well She saved my life and so did all the other kitties and cats here . Thank you all for helping me out so much. Churchill

Saturday, February 16, 2008

I mades Its Frew Surgery

My mommy gots tha call thats shee hass been waiting for all day.. I mades it frew surgery!! I had a Pin and Wire Put in My elbow, Its a furry BIG pin and a Furry LITTER wire . The Doctur isnt shuur ifs its goings to takes or not. Its was a furry Complicated surgery. I guess I hads a lots of scar tissues( I didn'ts know I came with kleenix) Buts my mommy is furry hopefull. I am in a lots of Pain Rights now. I haffs to takes it easy fuuur a long times. I cants play at all. Fanks you all for tha crossed paws and puurs and puurayers.. I might come home tomorrow... I know my Mommy will have about 10000 new pictures ofs me posted too!! She is just too in luff wiff me. I needs to goes and rest.... Churchill

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Thank you all so much for your genpuuurosity

I would Like to thank each and every one who has donated towards Churchill's Medical bills. I am so amazed that people would care so much about a kitten who was abandoned and hit by a car and left to die. I was shocked that everyone in my State wanted to "put him to sleep".

Unfortunately He was not able to have surgury today because of the extensity of his injuies. It is a very long surgery procedure. Dr. Meridith Bird Has to wait until the clinic closes until she can fix him up. She has two options ahead of her. Her first is to go in and retrive his bone and pin and wire it back in place, if that fails her second option is to remove the bone and just attach his tendon both leaving him with arthritis, which I am willing to live with, to save him.

As Most of You know Maintanence men where I live in my apartment complex told me about him last week. They said they had seen him just lying at a back door of a building for weeks. They asked me if I would go and check on him, knowing I am one of a few people who is allowed to have cats in my apartment due to having medical issues. I looked him over and brought him in because it was cold outside. If anyone lives in New England this time of year you know what I mean!!

I called around places hoping to get help for the little man , but all they could offer me was to put him to sleep, That was not an option for me.
RIMVA ( Rhode Island Medical Veterinary Association) Denied Me any assistance in getting him help. They are suppose to help low income families with vet assitance and surgery costs. I was at a loss. We searched the internet, and found cat blogosphere ( Our Angels)

I dont know what else to say But thank you from the bottom of our hearts. From Everyone at the Moone-Collins house hold Rhiannon, Michael , Madison And Kathryn!! We cant thank you ... Even Grumpy Old Mocha says thank you too.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Two dreams in one week come true!!!

Today I found out that churchill will be having surgery tomorrow to mend his broken Arm , And I also got a job!! I start next week and I am so excited. Someone is definately on my side.

HI to all my new fuurends My parents have told me about

My parents told me yesterday at the hospital , that I have a bunch of new fuurends and that they are puuuring and puuraying for me. I would like to thank you. I cant waits to get home and be on mommys pillow. Its more comfy than this cage I am in.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Churchill's story, how he came to me

For Anyone who reads this, Churchill was abandoned 4 months ago by our neighbor. We know this because the Maintenance men told us that they had seen him roaming the grounds to where we live. She also had another cat that she just ( i hate to use this term ) tossed out as well who is also still outside in this cold weather, but we havent been able to catch him yet. She loved her 3 Parrots more than her cats. I remember seeing little Churchill as a baby sitting in the window. The Other day The Maintenance came to our apartment to do some minor work, and told us about this kitten, that had been outside sitting under a backdoor just lying down for a few days. They asked me to go and check on him, knowing i am disabled and can have cats in my apartment. I went over to him and looked to see if he was foaming at the mouth first, or had any open wounds, I didnt see any, he was soaking wet and i could not leave him in the cold. when i got him inside , I warmed him up, brushed him down and noticed his left leg was lame. I also noticed Dry blood on his paw. So i cleaned him up the best i could , and splinted his leg, thinking it was only sprained. He was with us for 2 days when i accidently hit his leg , and he yelped in pain and i decided he needed to see a vet. It took us a good day for Volunteer Services of Animals to get back to us, they were worried about his leg and said they would pay for the one and only Vet visit. We called other places as well and we were told that they would only put him down , being that there are too many cats around, This i could not handle. Having him with me for 2 days it was already to late and i had fallen in love with him. He truely is one of the most kind and gentle cats you can imagine. I feel as though if I were to lose him , i would lose everything that i have fought for , for the past week. He was sent to me , to help me through tough times.

Meet Churchill


HI , this is Mikes wife Rhiannon. I have attached a photo of Churchill. I bandaged the leg myself. As of now he is being cared for by..Dr. Bird, Of Veterinary Services of Wickford, 25 Shermantown Road, Saunderstown , R.I. 02874.. Yes we have decided to keep him, There is no way we can let this cat go. He is the most lovable being ever. The second night he spent the night sleeping on my head grooming me all night long. Such a sweet little boy should have a chance at life. I believe animals are like our own biological children, we would never give up on them if they needed help. Churchill is something truely special. Thank you so very much for getting back to us, we appreciate it very much. Rhiannon Moone

The vet bill is estimated at $300-500.

Millie is going to auction a special Gizzy Quilt to help out, and KC and Missy have some items they will auction this week. If anyone is interested in helping out, or just donating a few dollars, please let me (ML) know. We'll be using my Paypal to collect funds, or you can pay directly to Dr. Bird (above).