Thursday, March 13, 2008

Hoo-haa-ectomy DAY!!!!!

Today churchill is having his little man pebbles removed!! Oh he should be happy when he comes home this afternoon! Poor thing , He has litterally been through hell and back, but at least he cant spray anymore!! woohooo.

We have heard nothing on Mocha, No shelters or rescue leagues have come across her. My hope is she has found a new home. I wish her luck where ever she may be.


ML said...

You know, maybe she just left and found herself another home.
She is so beautiful, someone probably picked her up immediately. She might have been really intent on being in a one-cat household and went and found it for herself.
We're all purring for Churchill's hoo-haa-ectomy. Keep us posted.

The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

I think ML is right. Mocha just decided to go and find a one-cat household.

Please keep us posted about Churchill!


Gandalf & Grayson said...

We certainly hope Churchill's hoo-ha-ectomy stops the spraying, but there is a possibility that it may not, especially once males have reached sexual maturity. They may continue to spray because it is a learned behavior for territorial reasons.

4 Gray Paws crossed for you & Churchill!!

Queen Snickers and Empress said...

Hopefully everything will be all great for Churchill when he gets home! We are purring best of luck for Mocha too!

Sorry we have not been around but momma has been dealing with a lot to. It sounds like some might be the same things. She has sever Endo (two surgeries already) and is going in for a 3rd on April 4th. They are doing a baby bean holder egg maker removal this time. She has done LOTS of research. If you want to talk about it you can email us. queensnickers AT gmail DOT com

Jimmy Joe said...

Oh my goodness, poor Miss Rhiannon, I am sorry you have had so much drama in your life recently. I hope that Mocha is somewhere where she is treated royally as an only girl cat, and that Churchill behaves himself accordingly when he comes back without his equipment.
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe

The Cat Realm said...
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