Monday, February 25, 2008

Lazy Days

Well we had a very nice weekend. Churchill for the most part rested. I called the V-E-T and tomorrow he is going to get his stitches out.

He has been eating like a Champ!! and is just being Lazy ( but he is suppose to be ) Today Kathryn ( My youngest daughter) played dress up with him. He didnt seem to mind at all. He had sunglasses on , Its was so cute. He is very mello tempered. I noticed though That he is afraid to leave the apartment. We went to check the mail saturday, and I took him downstairs with me, and he was very nervous. I think it was from maybe being outside for so long.

Last night Mocha attacked him. I checked him over real good and didnt see any marks , and he is walking just the same and doesnt seem to be in any pain. We are working with Mary Lynn to place Mocha in a good home with no other animals or kids. When I adopted her , I was told she was great with kids, but she isnt at all.


Daisy said...

Resting and eating a lot are just what Churchill needs! I do not blame him for being nervous Outside. It is not safe out there!

Lisa said...

Outside bad. If you want to carry him like that, I would recommend putting a collar or harness on him and attach a leash then hold it firmly as well as him. Then you'd have some tether on him in case he gets out of your arms. But I'd leave him inside, especially if he seems scared. He'll be much safer that way.

Radcliff, Allie, Luna, & Ozzie said...

Given what happened to Churchill the last time he went outside, his being nervous is probably smart. Maybe in a while you can buy him a stroller.

Who's Mocha? We don't remember her at all.

Kelly Cat said...

We're glad to see Churchill is continuing to improve. He's bound to be nervous in an unfamiliar place, especially since he's not 100% physically.

The Cat Realm said...

How wonderful Churchill is! He could become an honorary member of The Cat Realm - because he wears sunglasses!!! And for real - we only wear photoshop sunglasses!
Mrs. OZ doesn't really go out by herself either. One of the staff has to be with her. Which is pretty good, considering the dangerous place we live in (bobcats, coyotes, etc.) and the fact that she doesn't have any upper canines either!
Maybe Churchll is just being very clever to stay inside!

jenianddean said...

All of us McKitten-Cats get very nervous when mom or dad even thinks about taking us outside. We are only allowed outside with a harness and leash (which is very rare). Or in our stroller. We are so happy to hear Churchill is eating well and getting lots of rest. He should be 100% in no time at all.

-Jasper McKitten-Cat

Rhiannon said...

Well Churchill will definately be an indoor cat now. We live in an apartment complex, so there is no way he would be able to go outside, Unless i put him on a leash. I am going to get a leash so i can take him to the vets.