Sunday, February 10, 2008

Churchill's story, how he came to me

For Anyone who reads this, Churchill was abandoned 4 months ago by our neighbor. We know this because the Maintenance men told us that they had seen him roaming the grounds to where we live. She also had another cat that she just ( i hate to use this term ) tossed out as well who is also still outside in this cold weather, but we havent been able to catch him yet. She loved her 3 Parrots more than her cats. I remember seeing little Churchill as a baby sitting in the window. The Other day The Maintenance came to our apartment to do some minor work, and told us about this kitten, that had been outside sitting under a backdoor just lying down for a few days. They asked me to go and check on him, knowing i am disabled and can have cats in my apartment. I went over to him and looked to see if he was foaming at the mouth first, or had any open wounds, I didnt see any, he was soaking wet and i could not leave him in the cold. when i got him inside , I warmed him up, brushed him down and noticed his left leg was lame. I also noticed Dry blood on his paw. So i cleaned him up the best i could , and splinted his leg, thinking it was only sprained. He was with us for 2 days when i accidently hit his leg , and he yelped in pain and i decided he needed to see a vet. It took us a good day for Volunteer Services of Animals to get back to us, they were worried about his leg and said they would pay for the one and only Vet visit. We called other places as well and we were told that they would only put him down , being that there are too many cats around, This i could not handle. Having him with me for 2 days it was already to late and i had fallen in love with him. He truely is one of the most kind and gentle cats you can imagine. I feel as though if I were to lose him , i would lose everything that i have fought for , for the past week. He was sent to me , to help me through tough times.


Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Churchill is a handsome mancat! We hope you can catch his brother/sister soon.

ML said...

What a sad story but with a happy ending.
How can anyone just abandon a cat or cats?
That is why we are currently fostering so many cats... a couple either moved or just dumped a tiny pregnant female to fend for herself. We took her in a few weeks before she had six huge kittens.
Anyway, I am in love with Churchill. What a knowing expression he has on his handsome face.

Poppy Q said...

Hello Churchill. I is glad you has found some beans to look after you and love you.

Karen Jo said...

Churchill is a darling cat and I don't understand how anyone could just abandon him. I will help out as much as I can.

Radcliff, Allie, Luna, & Ozzie said...

Hey, Churchill. You are a good looking mancat, indeed. Glad to see you've managed to find you way to some great beans.

Welcome to the Cat Blogosphere, all of you, and abandon any free time you might have thought you had. :-)

PB & J said...

Hi Churchill - welcome to the cat blogoshpere! We're sorry to hear that you had such a rough start, but it sounds like you've found a wonderful home!

Pearl, Bert and Jake

Spooker said...

Oh, thank you for giving a home to Churchill!
The Cat Blogosphere is the best place to be in the whole world, welcome!

The Cat Realm said...

Hello Churchill - we are so glad you found this nice lady - and the Cat Blogosphere will come up with your VET bill, I am sure. Many of us do not have a lot of money but we give a little and it adds up!
Keep us informed about your progress!

Jan said...

Oh, how sweet you are to take in Churchill. He really needs you and all the help you can give him. We don't have any green paper to help out but we will post about you tomorrow and perhaps some who can help will read it.

Jans funny farm

lin said...